45 rpm: Third Eye Blind – “If There Ever Was a Time”

For a band who has only four albums to their name over the last 14 years, it comes as a surprise that Third Eye Blind would release a song in support of Occupy Wall Street. This marks the first release by the band since 2009’s Ursa Major, and first to feature new guitarist Kryz Reid. “If There Ever Was a Time” recalls the kind of ubiquitous protest songs of the 1960s; it’s a straightforward plea – aimed squarely at America’s youth – to join the movement. The song is not overtly damning or as political as a track like “Don’t Believe a Word,” nor does it share that song’s biting anger. It is however, a fine one-off single, and a reminder that Third Eye Blind are, indeed, still an active unit. Some might write the song and (the band) off by unfairly comparing it to “Semi-Charmed Life,” though both share upbeat tempos and catchy choruses. To do so, however, would be to miss the bigger picture about the importance of supporting Occupy Wall Street and the need to do away with economic inequality, unemployment, greed, and corruption. You can listen to the song below and download it for free from the band’s Facebook page.

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