Their older stuff is better.

I debated long and hard about sharing this little party trick, but I’ve told numerous people, so I suppose it’s about time to share it with the internet.

Have you ever been to party and got to talking music with people? Has one or more of them been music snobs and made you feel stupid for liking a band? Well, I have, and I don’t like. My good friend and colleague Matt Canning indirectly taught me that it’s okay to like whatever music you want. There should be no such thing as a guilty pleasure, so why tell someone that a band sucks once they become (relatively) famous? I was at a party a couple years ago, and I was really into The National’s Boxer (which is stunning, by the way), and the guy I was talking to said, “Nah, their older stuff is better. Actually, everything after their first album sucks.” That ticked me off. So, what to do with these hipster douchebags? I one-up them by telling them about bands they’ve never heard of.

Some Guy: So what else are you listening to?

Me: I’m really digging the new Family Plot EP.

Some Guy: Yeah? I’ve heard that’s supposed be good, I just haven’t check it out, bro.

Who the hell is Family Plot? How did I know they’ve never heard of them? Because I made them up, that’s how. I find in situations like this, it’s a good way to deal with these types of people. Is it cruel? Maybe. But, what the hell, I enjoy it, and the dude played along as if he knew who they were! (Family Plot is Alfred Hitchcock’s last film, and it’s really good). Actually, Hitchcock film titles are a good source of fake band names. The older and more obscure, the better.

“I saw The Lady Vanishes open for Juno and the Paycock last weekend, and they weren’t bad.”

Young and Innocent put out a split EP with Topaz of all Velvet Underground covers.”

Works like a charm.

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