On the Record: Trap Tiger – Twisted Shapes

Trap Tiger are self-proclaimed purveyors of “thought pop,” the kind of smooth indie rock crafted by Minus the Bear or Portugal. The Man, but in a strange way this band is more accessible. Their debut LP, Twisted Shapes, follows their audacious EP Lush Jungles (which is just one marvelous 10 minute track), and expands the band’s sound. Twisted Shapes is a warm and inviting record, all of the tracks are easily accessible, but not in a grating, calculated way; the songs evolve organically and logically.

Twisted Shapes offers a terrific run of four tracks, from “Rattle Me Bones” through “Away with Words,” (the magnificent) “Opera House,” and “Master, Equalizer,” which showcase the band’s off-kilter and unobvious pop sensibilities; the multi-part vocals and harmonies are unpretentious and draw listeners. Yet, the standout track is the epic “Love Riot,” with its sexy guitars and slow-burning build up into a crescendo gang vocals and trumpets. However, Twisted Shapes works best as a whole, almost to a fault. Most of the tracks seamlessly segue into each other, making it difficult to distinguish when one song ends and another begins. Though, this is neither here nor there because being a singles band may not be Trap Tiger’s intention.

It’s a testament to Trap Tiger’s abilities and professionalism that the band sounds so in synch on their debut, effortlessly blending different styles and influences (check out those Jaguar Love “oh oh ohs” on “Master, Equalizer” and the Attractions-styled handclaps and keyboards on “Opera House”), and yet are not derivative of them. Twisted Shapes is an ambitious and accomplished debut from a band with a bright future.

Check them out here:

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One Response to On the Record: Trap Tiger – Twisted Shapes

  1. >This band has real staying power. I'm hoping to see them go far. This album is a true success.

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